Gleniti School Archers

The Geraldine Archery Club conducted their first "have a go" morning with the Gleniti School pupils at Raincliff Camp in March 2007. This was organised by Jo Farmer, a teacher at Gleniti School and a member of the Geraldine Archery Club and she was assisted by Stewart Stott another club member.

Every year since, Stewart Stott & Charlie Crampton have travelled out to Raincliff Camp with the shuttle trailer "Robin", which carries the equipment and 4 portable targets, to give the pupils a "go" at archery. They are always well received by both staff & pupils and enjoy doing this as much as the children do in taking part.

March 2016 was the first time we had to cancel our visit due to bad weather.

March 2017 and it was back to Raincliff Camp again for Stewart Stott and Hamish Johnston, parent of one of our club archers.

March 2018, the 12th visit to Raincliff Camp again for Stewart Stott and Del Spencer where 48 keen archers eagerly awaited.

March 2019, the 13th visit to Raincliff Camp again for Stewart & Del and this time with the help of Paul Wulff. 38 very keen pupils.

March 2020, No activity held.

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